I feel it is important as an academic to translate research and engage with the public through various mediums. Below are a selected set of my recent media engagements. Feel free to contact me if you would like to chat about my work or social psychology, including conspiracy theories


SBS Insight: Conspiracy Theories? | 01/03/2022

ABC News TV: Qanon Conspiracy Theories | 15/06/2021

Sky News Australia: Conspiracy theories abound amid COVID-19 as people try to make sense of the chaos | 24/12/2020

The Latest, Seven News: Area 51: Storm the base | 19/07/2019


The Conversation: Cinco claves para hablar con un conspiranoico | 25/01/2023

Salon: The power of a conspiracy theory — and a 3-step plan to deprogram American idiocracy | 23/01/2023

The Conversation: How to talk to someone about conspiracy theories in five simple steps | 20/01/2023

Crikey: Experts renew warnings about threat of conspiracy and sovereign citizen movements after Queensland shooting | 14/12/2022

NZ Herald: Study out on politics of New Zealand conspiracy theorists | 26/6/2022

The Guardian: In a pandemic of medical misinformation, how do you deal with conspiracy believers? | 19/4/2022

SBS Insight: I feel duped’: How an ‘ex-conspiracy theorist’ changed her mind on vaccination | 28/02/2022

Sydney Morning Herald: Dying of COVID or with it? Pathologists take on conspiracy theorists | 11/11/2021

Sydney Morning Herald: Is there any point in arguing with people? | 12/10/2021

The Saturday Paper: The political forces inside the anti-lockdown movement | 31/07/2021

Cosmos: Cherry-picked COVID-19 statistics | 30/06/2021

Sydney Morning Herald: Are we ignoring the hard truths about the most likely cause of COVID-19? | 01/06/2021

The Good Weekend: The thrill of the game: Why are people drawn into conspiracy theories? | 17/04/2021

The Conversation: Was Phar Lap Killed by Gangsters? | 27/04/2021

Agence France-Presse: Australian wellness celeb fuels ‘infodemic’ | 08/10/20210

The New Daily: Sovereign citizens: The anti-masker conspiracy theorists ‘baiting police’ | 05/08/2020

Canberra Times: We’ve seen this conspiracy theory movie before | 18/05/2020

The Saturday Paper: How Covid-19 energised conspiracy theorists | 24/12/2020

The Conversation: Sport is full of conspiracy theories – Chris Froome’s horrific cycling crash is just the latest example | 19/06/2020


3AW: Why some people fall for conspiracy theories? | 21/10/2022

The Wire: What are conspiracy theories? | 20/09/2022

2SM with John Laws: Conspiracy Theories @ ~17 mins | 15/09/2022

ABC Drive: Tall Poppy Syndrome | 25/08/2022

3AW: Young Australians most likely group to believe in conspiracy theories | 07/03/2022

ABC Rear Vision podcast: Medical conspiracy theories | 27/11/2021

ABC Triple J Hack: No, the vaccine doesn’t give you swollen balls | 15/09/2021

ABC Radio Melbourne and ABC Victoria Breakfast with Ali Moore: Conspiracy theories | 07/01/2020

ABC Radio National Science Show: Revisiting the great Carlos hoax | 14/11/2020

Public talks

La Trobe University: COVID-19 and the Pandemic of Denial | 01/12/2020